Simracing Expo 2019

30. August - 1. September, Nürburgring, Germany

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The racing event for the whole family – the fusion of virtual and real racing

SimRacing, Gaming, RC & Slot Cars, Model Making, Blancpain GT Series


The ADAC SimRacing Expo turns five – with a bigger event than ever before. The racing event highlights all facets of racing for the whole family.

You always wanted to know how it feels to be on a race behind the wheel of a race car? Test your skill in a professional simulator used by real drivers. If you want to set up your own, more affordable simulator at home, get inspired at the ADAC SimRacing Expo, too – or try out RC Car races or an exciting slot car race. And because an Expo without real races is only half the fun, the Blancpain GT Series is taking place at the same time at Nürburgring – roaring engines and the smell of burning rubber included. 

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ADAC SimRacing expo and RC car championship warmup

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The Nürburgring racetrack – Germany's biggest racing playground for all ages

eSports events, RC car, slot car and model making exhibits, gaming and SimRacing areas at the ring°boulevard. RC car championship warm-up at the ring°arena. Blancpain GT Series on the racetrack

Everybody knows the "Green Hell" in Germany's Eifel region, a holy ground of the international racing community: the Nordschleife track of the Nürburgring. At this historic motorsport location, the ADAC SimRacing Expo features all areas of competitive driving. Gamers, SimRacing fans, model makers, RC and slot car fans as well as fans of the Blancpain GT Series will have a great time exploring all that the Expo has to offer.


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Porsche SimRacing Trophy & ADAC Digital GT500

Ultra-realistic simulation software features eSports of the highest caliber

We are putting motorsports on the digital racetrack. At the Expo, professional gamers will race each other in several simulators in team and solo competitions. The best online SimRacers are already fighting for their spot to win the Porsche SimRacing trophy at the event – an official award ceremony included. Racing teams should feel right at home, too: at the ADAC Digital GT500, the best teams will compete in long-distance races right at the Expo, without the need to qualify online.


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Expo: SimRacing, Model Making, Hardware and Gaming

You are right at the center of the motorsports event of the year

The ADAC SimRacing Expo is more than just show and tell: together with friends and family, you can check out the latest trends yourself – hands-on. Whether you are interested in professional SimRacing simulators or gaming equipment for your own home – the Expo has something for everybody. Model makers, slot car aficionados, tech geeks and hard-core gamers won't be bored either!


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RC Car Championship Warm-up

Pure adrenaline: RC car races – on- and off-road tracks

You can't miss this: radio controlled model cars that scream over the tracks with up to 70 km/h. About 700 of the world's best RC car drivers compete against each other on two different tracks – exclusively at the ADAC SimRacing Expo. An on- and an off-road track challenge even the most expert driver.


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Slot Car Racetracks

Everybody knows it, everybody loves it: the good old Carrera home racetrack!

They are not going anywhere: slot car racetracks have been a staple of children's rooms all over Germany for many generations. And not just there – the small slot-bound racers connect people of all ages. That's why we are featuring them at the ADAC SimRacing Expo as well. Whether you want to test your skills after a few – or many – years or you want to expand your slot car collection – you have come to the right spot.

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The world's biggest GT3 series visits the Nürburgring

An unforgettable motorsport weekend at the Nürburgring would not be complete without real race cars. That's why screamers of the world's biggest GT3 series will chase one another down the GP track at the Nürburgring. The Blancpain GT Series is a dream come true for fans of high-end cars: it features the teams of Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, Jaguar, Audi, Aston Martin, BMW and Nissan.



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11.02.19 - 04.42

New Concept: eSports in Nürburgring Arena

There have never been more visitors and fans in the live stream than at the ADAC SimRacing Expo 2018. The concept of this year's event therefore

17.09.18 - 02.09

26 exhibitors, thousands of spectators, thrilling races

On three days there was a full program on the boulevard of the Nürburgring with free admission. Fürth, 17.09.2018 It was already the


21.05.19 - 11.49

ADAC SimRacing Expo

On your last journey we wish you peace..🏎 #adac #simracing #expo #rip #nikilauda

17.05.19 - 06.33

ADAC SimRacing Expo

We proudly present the Reglement for the ADAC Digital GT500 - go check it out, guys! ⬇️ #simracing #GT500 #competition

Here´s what our GT and Simracing pilots have to say

“Organization, competition, reach and atmosphere have improved well over the years.”
Angelo Michel
Angelo Michel
Sim racing pilot
“Always great to try out the new wheels and great rigs on offer! The Expo gets better every year.”
Graham Carroll
Graham Carroll
Sim racing pilot
“ADAC SimRacing Expo is like a dream come true and an event I will attend every year.”
Pablo López
Pablo López
Sim racing pilot

Journey: The Nürburgring is located in the heart of Germany, surrounded by many metropolitan areas such as the Ruhr district and the Rhein-Main district. Use the following data for your GPS:

"53520 Nürburg" (Eifel); Otto-Flimm-Straße | GPS coordinates: 50.333909°, 6.94706°