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This is the fourth edition of an event unique of its kind; it is a combination of virtual and real racing. While the inaugural GT race cars compete at the Nürburgring race circuit, a virtual competition and trade fair takes place at the °boulevard, the SimRacing Expo, at the same time.









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The world's most famous race circuit is again home of the SimRacing Expo 2017.




Information on the venue

Grand Prix circuit

To attract Formula 1 back to the Eifel, the 4.5 kilometre Grand Prix circuit was built between 1981 and 1984, and was extended in 2001 with the "Mercedes Arena" section to its present length of 5.148 kilometres. Today the circuit is between 10 and 25 m wide, featuring seven left and ten right turns, as well as large run-off zones and gravel beds. The Grand Prix track is known to be a modern and safe racing circuit which hosts top-notch motorsport events.


The ring°boulevard, which runs parallel to the Grand Prix track, covering 8,800 m², forms the central axis of the Nürburgring complex.

  • Business-Lounges: Seven 200 m² areas on the upper level can be used as a separate presentation rooms.
  • ring°werk: Comprehensive motor sports museum with a wide variation of activation options like Formula 1 pit-stop events.
  • ring°arena: 3.000 seats event arena.

How to get there

The Nürburgring is located in the heart of Germany, surrounded by many metropolitan areas such as the Ruhr district and the Rhein-Main district. See for location map here:


  • "53520 Nürburg" (Eifel); Otto-Flimm-Straße
  • Geo-coordinates: 50.333909°, 6.94706°



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logo iracing.com, simracing expo


SimRacing Deutschland e.V., P1-Gaming, racersleague.com, Virtual Racing e.V., Deutscher Minicar Club e.V., Euro Touring Series - Red RC, Team Redline


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Here are some frequently asked questions

  •                What are the costs?

    The entry to SimRacing Expo is free. You can also test all simulators, games and consoles for free. Participating at the ADAC SimRacing Trophy contest is also free of charge.


    If you want to enjoy the real racing action and have a look into the Paddock and garages of the teams you need to buy a ticket. But this is very reasonably priced.

  •                What is the event about?

    The event is about bringing together real racing and virtual racing. At the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit the final round of the Blancpain GT Series takes place, while the ring boulevard host the SimRacing Expo with all its virtual counterparts.


    The SimRacing Expo is all about racing games.

  •                What is the ADAC SimRacing Trophy?

    The ADAC SimRacing Trophy is awarded to the fastest virtual gamer. In 2015, there will be two categories: the Manufacturer's Cup and the Driver's Cup..


    Each category will have its own contest area (1+2) next to the center stage.

  •                Where can I watch the contest?

    Similar to the real racing action, the final rounds of the virtual racing competition are broadcast live via web. There will be also English commentators.

  •                Safety first

    Regardless if reality or virtual, it is the objective of the ADAC to maintain high safety standards and spread this mind-set. Therefore, similar to the real racing, there will be a Stewards panel for the SimRacing Trophy to ensure a fair contest with respect to the rules and safety.

Pictures of 2017

SimRacing Trophy




Manufacturer's Cup



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E-Mail: Oezkan.Tanis(at)mrh.adac.de


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Vertreten durch die Geschäftsführer: Curt Beckmann, Helmut Ferdinand, Marc Hennerici; Eintragung im Handelsregister: Amtsgericht Koblenz, Registernummer HRB4137, USt.-ID: DE152750633


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